In a time of bulk production Reisner GmbH Kältetechnischer Anlagenbau designs and offers individual concepts for cooling technology. When other companies dissipate their energies with finding ever more cheaper prices to be competitive, Reisner focuses on quality. Where short-time and superficial profit are required and offered, our success is based on documented high-quality technology.

We are a medium-sized company situated in Holzwickede near to Dortmund. At our premises, we design, produce and repair cooling machines. Basically, we offer energy efficient process cooling for all areas of industrial production. Our customers of the industrial areas such as plastics-, metal-, food-, and chemical industry profit from our technology.

Customers' service for us means full service concerning safe cooling supply. We advise our customers round the world, as for example concerning the design of a cooling system and its integration in the operation and keeping the machine values by repair and maintenance or cooling water treatment.

The quality of Reisner products is certified. In 1997 Reisner introduced the quality-management system which is still used today and proved at the occasion of regular TÜV-audits for testing the quality aims.