Reisner systems offer possibilities to save primary energies at different levels and kinds of use

  • Cariable condensation

    It is Reisner who has developed the technology of variable condensation. The condensation temperature of the cooling machine is adapted to the low ambient temperatures typical for our climate. Therefore a cooling machine operating with variable condensation consumes 40% less power than conventional machines. As a result, the energy costs are reduced as well as the emission of carbon dioxides going along with power generation.

  • Winter relief

    When the ambient temperatures fall, often less cooling capacity is required. Reisner systems react to these conditons. It is possible to switch off single modules or systems, a factor which reduces energy consumption relevantly.

  • Heat recovery
    Kälteanlagen entziehen dem Kühlgut – etwa dem Kunststoff im Produktionsprozess – Wärme. Reisner-Anlagen können diese Wärme zurückgewinnen und sie zur Beheizung von Hallen und Bürogebäuden bereitstellen. Das spart die Primärenergie, die sonst für die Heizanlage aufgebracht werden müsste.

Cooling machine take the heat of goods to be cooled such as it is for example the case in the plastics industry. Reisner machines recover this heat and use them to heat halls and offices.
Consequently, heat which would otherwise be used for heating of  building is saved here.

If you are interested in contributing to active climate protection with Reisner machines at your company please contact us. We are looking forward to informing and advising you.

Please ask for our brochures about variable condensation and other topics of cooling technology and environmental protection..